The 5 Pillars of our faith system support our Role to be Caretaker to all

Islam's Five Pillars will help you better fulfill your divine mandate to be a Caretaker to ALL creatures on Earth. This is acheived by

trying to Live your life based on Divine (Faith Based) Values and developing GOD AWARENESS 24/7 through your actions. This "caretaker" goal will be will be GREATLY enhanced through the regular practice of the prescribed Five Pillars of the Islamic Faith. These 5 pillars *which support the mandate to take care of all on Earth are:

1. PILLAR ONE Affirming by words and action our belief 1) there is no GOD but GOD... ... We believe that GOD created the Universe and that we (mankind) are best served if we submit to GOD's divine orders.We (Muslims) strive to remember that GOD is as close to us as the artery is to our neck. We always strive to conducts ourselves with the full knowledge and appreciation of the fact that GOD is with us all the time and everywhere and that as such we will strive not do anything that GOD does not want us to do and that we will strive do only those things that GOD would like us to do. To us, GOD's guidance embodies GOODNESS and anything that is not good is not Godly.  Submitting to God means fulfilling our divine madate of take car of all on Earth

True acceptance of this concept makes it very hard for a person to do ANY wrong in the presence of his Creator or to ignore any of his Creators Divine injunctions. We also believe that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is GOD'S Messenger (and that we will accordingly follow the guidance of the Quran as exemplified by the life of Prophet Muhammad .(Peace be upon him) literally, figuratively and contextually and practically. (Unlike our fellow faith members, we do not consider Prophet Muhammad to be Divine but be do consider him to special.)

As Godly people we have to do what is good for the betterment of ourselves and ALL mankind.  GOD embodies GOOD and as such we strive to be GOOD in all we do. In order to develop and affirm our belief, we are encouraged to be GOD Conscious all the time.

2) PILLAR TWO A great tool to achieve GOD AWARENESS 24/7 is through the completion of FIVE daily ritualistic prayers (akin to calls/invitations to be in GOD'S presence).

In these ritualistic prayers we are prescribed to try to be Mentally & Physically & Spiritually in GOD'S presence. We are encouraged to do this  five times a day with a ritualistic Prayer (i.e. completing a Prescribed series of ritual acts of worship (prayers) with Belief and Sincerity. Persons who have truly mastered this ability to bring themselves into GODS presence ritually typically immerse themselves in many more of the same ritual prayer voluntarily as few things compare to the joy of being truly aware of being in GOD's presence.

3. PILLAR THREE Another tool is Giving Thanks to GOD for what we have been blessed with either as wealth or intellect, ETC. through Prescribed Charitable Giving.

We consider wealth and success as a trust from GOD and believe that we are accountable to GOD as to how we use our wealth and intellect.  This is also a test of one's gratitude for whatever you have been blessed with

4.PILLAR FOUR Another tool is Exercising Personal Restraint & Emphasizing with the less fortunate by restricting earthly pleasures and food for one whole month (Ramadan) during which we observe a Prescribed ritualistic Fast from Sunrise to Sunset and increase our devotional acts to enable us to rejuvenate our soul and our link with GOD. This is also a month that is used for developing oneself spiritually.

5. PILLAR FIVE Another tool is experiencing (for those who are able in health and wealth) true universal brotherhood by performing the Prescribed Pilgrimage rituals in Mecca where we are all dressed in the same simple cloth which make all persons indistinguishable by status or class or wealth.


Mastery of these five concepts/tools/pillars will enable us to further our mandate to take care of the universe and do good is all we do.