Quranic Pearl

Quranic (Divine) Pearls of Wisdom

Please find the time to to do your own research of the Quran and better understand the meaning and context of these verses as well as many other DIVINE verses like these. For example,

Sura 17 has the SEVEN "Pillars" of Wisdom (17:31 to 17:39; (see below) Th quran also has "Ten" Commandments in Surah 6 - 6:151 (see below)

Please also try to live up to these as best as you can!!!

Surah/chapter 6: verse151; Surah/Chapter 17:verse 32


107: 4-7

..A warning to those who pray but are careless in their prayers; who pray only for show while refusing to share even the smallest (simple needs of life) of life from others

6:151; 17:32

Be kind to your parents

6:151; 17:32

Do not go near Shameful deeds

6:151; 17:33 2:84; 4:24;

Do not take a life except for just cause

6:151; 17:35

Do not touch an Orphan's (weak Person) property unless you are going to improve it

6:151; 17:35

Do not cheat - give correct measure


Fulfill your agreements


Do not get involved with things about which you know nothing

4:135; 5:8; 16:90; 42:15

Stand for Justice even if it against a close relative

6:151; 17:37

Do not strut (show off) though the Earth acting like you are so great

83:1; 2.188 8:27; 17:26; 83: 2-5

Do not Commit Fraud, Bribery or be Dishonest