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Click here for Taraweeh (Quran) Summaries IN ENGLISH organized

by Date & by Imams & by Surah(coming soon)

such as Mufti Elias , Mufi Menk , Dr.Ahmed Sakr , Moulana Lachporia, Imam Magid, Dr. Jasser Auda, Prof. Yusuf Dadoo & more. (or go to

This is a VERY EASY way for you and your children to become familiar with the major themes of the Quran. We suggest that you try to do this (all year around) on a regular fixed schedule basis e.g. after dinner one night a week or every Sunday Morning, etc.



You can also click below to listen to any of these ISLAMIC RADIO stations in your home - (this can also be played in your car or at work with a smartphone using the Tunein or a similar app.)

Channel Islam International in English Radio786 in English

Radio Islam in English Sautan Noor (Zikr Radio in English)



We have volunteers who can set you up with a modified copy of this website for use by your masjid anywhere in the world - contact salaamnewz at gmail dot com