Pledge of Islamic Faith

La Ila Ha Illal La ALLAH - There is no GOD/ALLAH but (the one)  GOD/ALLAH

Muhammadur Rasulllah - (The Prophet) Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is GOD's Messenger

الجمعة 10 ربيع الثاني 1436
Friday Rabbi al-Thanni 10 1436
Friday January 30 2015

As Salaamu Alaykum Warah Matullahi Wabara Kaatuhu - Peace be upon you with all of GOD'S Mercy and Blessings.

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Current Prayer Times

Salah Adhan Iqama
Fajr 6:07 am 6:30 am
Dhur 12:30 pm 1:00 pm
Asr 3:45 pm 4:00 pm
Magrib 4:53 4:59
Isha 7:15 pm 7:30 pm

JUMMA - The Khutba is a Reminder & 1/2 the prayer


1st Khutba 11:45 am
2nd Khutba 12:45 pm
3rd Khutba 01:30 pm

FYI: Jumma time changes when daylight savings time changes.(summer is 11.55am; 1pm; and 2pm - Winter is 11.35;12.45 and 1.30pm)

Click here for current roster of Jumma Khatibs and tentative schedule


Dearest Community  ASA WRB

Thank you to those of you who have been attending the Sunday "Khatib Talks" lecture series.  Br Sohail is using this time to further explore the topics he discusses during the Friday Khutbas.Sohail G

This is an interactive format and the audience gets to ask him questions and clarification often.  OVER 60 of us are now attending.  (We have about 20 sisters and 40 brothers)

 The class is upstairs and starts at 11.30 and ends around Azaan time(12.45)  THE AUDIENCE FEEDBACK HAS BEEN VERY POSITIVE - JOIN US - I WILL BE THERE INSHA ALLAH  - should I keep a chair for you?


 (Recordings of previous classes are on vimeo at

BTW: We all say we do not HAVE time until we discover that our time is up or we have to MAKE time NOW (...)

Read more: Sunday GSI "Khatib Talks" getting very popular 

Spare FIVE Dollars NOW please!

We are requesting 100% community participation in our "$5  per Jumma ANYWHERE" campaign. Please pay forward for the next person just as someone in the past paid forward for you to be able to use the Masjid facilities today.

You can make monthly auto donations via Paypal here.


You can make a one time donation in any Amount here.

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